#49 Accident & Injury Reporting

Some employers (and/or their claims handling representatives) have more stringent reporting requirements for accidents, injuries and illnesses, while others keep more detailed records of “incidents” or “near misses” that subsequently enable them to predict the risk of, or potential for, a future more serious injury or illness.




Each recordable case must be entered on an OSHA 300 log within six (6) workdays after learning of its occurrence.  Logs must be maintained and retained for five (5) years following the end of the calendar year to which they relate.  Logs must be available (normally at the facility) for inspection and copying by representatives of the Department of Labor, or the Department of Health and Human Services, or states accorded jurisdiction under the OSHA Act of 1970.  Access to the log is also provided to employees, former employees and their representatives.  Every employer shall report immediately, within 8 hours by telephone to the nearest DOSH office, any serious injury of an employee occurring in a place of employment.  29 CFR Part 1904 and California specific, 8CCR 342(a)




Even though there were no injuries or illnesses during the year, zeros must be entered on the totals line and the form posted.


A copy of the OSHA 300 totals for the year must be posted at each facility in the place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted.  This copy must be posted no later than February 1 and must remain in place through April.