#ASPC0016-03 Applying Stucco and Pouring Concrete

Concrete based substances have a high pH, averaging roughly 12 pH units. They are considered a pollutant and have negative effects on receiving water bodies and soil they come into contact with. Maintaining preemptive measures against spills contacting soil is the most effective way to reduce overall hazards of these activities.

Ensure there is secondary containment in all areas of active concrete, stucco, plastering, and/or coloring work. This will make the spills easier to clean up afterwards and prevent chemicals from mixing into storm water runoff.

All paint and stucco materials on site must be contained and covered. Paint brushes and spray guns should be washed/cleaned out into a hazardous materials drum, or back into original containers and disposed of properly. Never wash out paint brushes in the street, or dump any residues in the sewer or storm drains.

Concrete mixers and washouts should be located at least 50 ft from storm drain inlets. BMPs preventing run off from entering drain inlets should be inspected and reinforced before concrete/stucco operations begin.