#40 Confined Spaces

Are confined spaces thoroughly emptied of any corrosive or hazardous substances, such as acids or caustics, before entry?


Before entry, are all lines to a confined space, containing inert, toxic, flammable, or corrosive materials valved off and blanked or disconnected and separated?


Is either natural or mechanical ventilation provided prior to confined space entry?


Before entry, are appropriate atmospheric tests performed to check for oxygen deficiency, toxic substance and explosive concentrations in the confined space?


Is adequate illumination provided for the work to be performed in the confined space?


Is the atmosphere inside the confined space frequently tested/continuously monitored during conduct of work?


Is there an assigned safety standby employee outside of the confined space, whose sole responsibility is to watch the work in progress, sound an alarm if necessary, and render assistance?


In addition to the standby employee, is there at least one other trained rescuer in the vicinity?


Are all rescuers appropriately trained and using approved, recently inspected equipment?


Is approved respiratory equipment required if the atmosphere inside the confined space cannot be made acceptable?