#14 Electrical Safety Orders

Only qualified persons shall work on electrical equipment or systems. Only qualified persons shall be permitted to perform any function in proximity to energized overhead conductors unless accidental contact has been guarded against. Work shall not be preformed on exposed energized parts of equipment or systems until the following conditions are met:


  1. Responsible supervision has determined that the work is to be performed while the equipment or systems are energized.
  2. Involved personnel have received instructions or the work techniques and hazard involved in working on energized equipment.
  3. Suitable personal protective equipment has been provided and is used. Suitable insulated gloves shall be work for voltages in excess of 300 volts, nominal.
  4. Suitable eye protection has been provided and is used.
  5. Where required, suitable barriers, barricades, tags, or signs are in place for personnel protection.


After the required work on an energized system or equipment has been completed, an authorized person shall be responsible for:


  1. Removing form the work area any temporary personnel protective equipment, and
  2. Reinstalling all permanent barriers or covers.


All electrical equipment and systems shall be treated as energized until tested or otherwise proven to be de-energized.