#3 Employees Responsibility for Safety

1. Every employee has a responsibility for the safety of themselves, co-workers, and guests.
2. Any instructions required to do the job must be received before unsupervised work begins.
3. Safety must be part of every operation. Ask for help if needed.
4. Follow the prescribed job procedures and instructions.
5. Each employee shall comply with the occupational safety and health standards, all rules, regulations, and orders issued pursuant to the OSHA Act of 1970, which are applicable to one’s own action and conduct.
6. Report prior or new injuries or physical limitations to ensure the tasks assigned to you can be safely performed.
7. Job skills development includes becoming an expert at recognizing the presence of any safety hazards within the workplace.
8. It is the employee’s responsibility to use safety equipment given to them and follow any instructions that are
9. It is a condition of employment to comply with all aspects of this Safety Program.