#2 Employers Responsibility for Safety

The employer is required to designate an identifiable person or persons with authority and responsibility to implement the safety program and help ensure the employer’s responsibilities hereunder are fulfilled.

  1. The employer will furnish to each employee, safe employment and a place of employment, which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
  2. Comply with OSHA safety and health standards and regulations.
  3. Promote and enforce the safety program to all employees.
  4. Familiarize themselves with the hazards their employees may be exposed to during all procedures.
  5. Provide or make available the protective equipment or clothing necessary for employees to work safely.
  6. Provide employees with tools and equipment that are safe.
  7. Maintain current safety regulations.
  8. Carry out any corrective action items assigned to them.
  9. Assure existing, new and temporary employees receive appropriate safety training.
  10. Provide competent persons on the jobsite as necessary.