#EDSCU0116-05 End of the Day: Site Cleanup

In almost all work environments, whether they are in the office, working with foods, or on a construction site, at the end of the day workers are required to clean up their work space. This is an important aspect on a construction site, where some hazards should not be left exposed overnight. Combined with overall housekeeping, a closing checklist at the end of each day can ensure the construction site stays clean and safe.

The CGP (Construction General Permit) states that at the end of each day and before predicted rain events several measures should be taken or in place. Other measures are recommended for improved site housekeeping.

CGP Required Actions:

  • All stockpiles (active or inactive) are bermed and covered if there is a possibility of rain.
  • All stockpiles (active or inactive) are bermed.
  • All dumpsters or trash bins are covered with container covers or tarps.
  • All equipment and vehicles are stored properly in the proper staging area.
  • All vehicles or machinery (regardless of any apparent leaks) have drip pans underneath them to catch oil or run off if it has rained.
  • All stockpiled materials are elevated off the ground. (often on wooden planks or pallets)
  • If rain is predicted to occur, activities for the next day will need to be re-scheduled. Concrete pours and fertilizer applications cannot occur within 48 hours of a rain predicted rain event.
  • Concrete washouts are covered.
  • All closed storage areas are secure and locked.

Recommended Actions:

  • Site cleanliness should be inspected, materials should be organized.
  • Consolidate trash and clean up the site.
  • Gravel bags/Fiber rolls are placed across driveways and curbs.
  • All tools are returned to their respective storage areas and stored safely. (Not leaning, or precariously placed.)