#23 Eye and Face Protection

(a) Employees working in locations where there is a risk of receiving eye injuries, such as punctures, abrasions, contusions, or burns as a result of contact with flying particles, hazardous substances, projections, or injurious light rays which are inherent in the work or environment, shall be safeguarded by means of face or eye protection. The employer shall provide and the employee shall use protection suitable for the exposure.

NOTE: Suitable screens or shields isolating the hazardous exposure may be considered adequate safeguarding for nearby employees.


(b) Filter lenses or plates used in welding operations are regulated.


(c) Where eye protection is required and the employee requires vision correction, such eye protection shall be provided as follows:

(1) Safety spectacles with suitable corrected lenses, or

(2) Safety goggles designed to fit over spectacles, or

(3) Protective goggles with corrective lenses mounted behind the protective lens.


The wearing of contact lenses is prohibited in working environments having a harmful exposure to materials or light flashes, except when special precautionary procedures, which are medically approved, have been established for the protection of the exposed employee.


(d) Eye and face protection equipment required by this section shall be in accordance with American National Standard, Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, Z87.1-1989.


(e) Laser Protection: Employees whose occupation or assignment requires exposure to laser beams shall be furnished suitable laser safety goggles which will protect for the specific wavelength of the laser and be of optical density (O.D.) adequate for the energy involved.