#19 Fall Protection

Above 30′                    Iron Workers – Connectors                                              §1710(m)(1)(A)

Above 20′                    Roofers – Single-Unit or Multiple-Unit Coverings       §1730(b)(1), (c), (e), and (f)

Above 15′                     Roofers – New Production Type Residential (Slope 3:12 through 7:12)       §1731(c)(1)

Iron Workers – Other than connectors                            §1710(m)(1)(B)

“Framers”                                                                              §1669(a)

Above 7 ½’                  Anyone on unprotected platforms, scaffolds, or edge of structures     §1621(a) and  1670(a)

Above 6′                      “Rodbusters” Point-to-Point Travel = 24 feet (no impalement below)        §1712(e)

Any Height                  Roofers – New Production Type Residential Steeper than 7:12      §1731(c)(2)

Important Note: The above listed fall protection trigger heights are Cal/OSHA requirements. Verify the “authority having jurisdiction” on your respective project as well as more stringent requirements of the “owner”.