#69 Falling Objects (Struck By)

Falling objects present serious hazards for construction workers.


Falling objects include tools, pipe and other building materials and construction equipment. Even hardware (such as nails, nuts, and bolts) can cause severe injuries if they fall far enough. To protect yourself always wear our hard hat and, where you can, erect some type of canopy to keep objects from hitting you at all.


The best protection against falling objects is a hard hat. It should always be worn when you are working on or around scaffolding and especially when roofing operations are in progress. Hard hats are designed to absorb the force of falling objects. The force received by the head, neck, spine, and shoulders is significantly less than the force received on top of the hard hat.


It is usually uncomfortable to wear a hard hat at first. The muscles in your neck and shoulders may even get sore. But the typical hard hat only weighs 14 ounces. Newer hard hats weigh considerably less. You can get used to wearing any hard hat just by wearing it regularly. Before long you will forget it is there.


Many workers complain that hard hats are too hot to wear, particularly in the summer. The truth is that the temperature inside the hard hat can be much cooler than the temperature outside the hard hat. Tests done at 110 degrees showed that the temperature inside the hard hat was 5 to 12 degrees cooler than the outside air.