#229 Fire Safety

  1. Minimum Number of Exits: All new buildings under construction shall have at least one unobstructed exit. All exits shall be identified in the Fire Protection Plan.
  1. Multi-Story Buildings: Each level above the first story in new multi-story buildings shall be provided with at least two usable exit stairs after the floor decking is installed. The stairways shall be continuous and discharge to grade level. Stairways servicing more than two floor levels shall be enclosed (with openings adequately protected) after exterior walls/windows are in place. Exit stairs in new and in existing, occupied buildings shall be lighted and maintained clear of debris and construction materials at all times.

Exception: For new multi-story buildings, one of the required exit stairs may be obstructed on not more than two contiguous floor levels for the purposes of stairway construction (i.e., installation of gypsum board, painting, flooring, etc).

  1. Assembly Points: Designated exterior assembly points shall be established for all construction personnel to relocate to upon evacuation. The assembly points shall also be identified in the Fire Protection Plan.