#66 First Aid on Jobsites

Cal/OSHA requires that where there is more than one employer on a single construction project on a given jobsite, each employer is responsible to ensure the availability of emergency medical services for its employees. The employers on the project may agree to ensure employee access to emergency medical services for the combined work force present at the jobsite. Such an emergency medical service program shall be adequate to service the combined work force present, but only one emergency medical program need to be established at such site.

Appropriately Trained Person. Each employer shall ensure the availability of a suitable number of appropriately trained persons to render first aid. Where more than one employer is involved in a single construction project on a given construction site, the employers may form a pool of appropriately trained persons. However, such pool shall be large enough to service the combined work forces of such employers.

First-Aid Kit. Every employer working on or furnishing personnel on a construction project, on line crews and other short duration or transient jobs shall provide at least one first-aid kit in a weatherproof container. The contents of the first-aid kit shall be inspected regularly to ensure that the expended items are promptly replaced. The contents of the first-aid kit shall be arranged to be quickly found and remain sanitary. First-aid dressings shall be sterile in individually sealed packages for each item.

Provision for Obtaining Emergency Medical Services. Proper equipment for the prompt transportation of the injured or ill person to a physician or hospital where emergency care is provided, or an effective communication system for contracting hospitals or other emergency medical facilities, physicians, ambulance and fire services, shall be provided. The telephone numbers of the emergency services in the area shall be posted near the job telephone switchboard, or otherwise made available to the employees where no job site telephone exists.