#7 General Housekeeping

The following is a brief overview and summary of the regulations in Title 8 related to housekeeping. Not all of the applicable Title 8 regulations are given below.

  • During the course of construction, alteration or repairs, form and scrap lumber with protruding nails and all other debris shall be kept reasonably clear from work areas, passageways, and stairs around buildings or other structures – §1513(a)
  • Combustible debris accumulated within the building or structure should be removed promptly during the course of construction. Safe means shall be provided to expedite such removal §1513(d)
  • All waste shall be disposed of at intervals determined by the rate of accumulation and capacity of the job site container – §1513(f)
  • Waste, materials, or tools shall not be thrown from buildings or structures to areas where employee(s) may be located, unless the area where the material falls is guarded by fences, barricades, or other methods/means to prevent employee(s) from entering and being struck by falling objects. Signs shall be posted to warn employees of the hazard. §1513(g)
  • Materials which may cause a hazardous reaction or unstable condition while in storage shall be segregated – §1549(g)
  • Place protective covers (manufactured or job built apparatus designed to cover exposed ends of reinforced steel or other similar projections) so as to prevent impalement §1712(b)
  • Hand protection shall be required for employees whose work involves unusual and excessive exposure to cuts, burns, harmful physical or chemical agents or radioactive materials which are encountered and capable of causing injury or impairments. §1520
  • Material storage areas and walkways on the construction site shall be maintained reasonably free of dangerous depressions, obstructions, and debris – 1513(c)