#262 Heat Illness High Heat

Revised Regulation – Effective May 1, 2015:


When the temperature equals or exceeds 95° F, you must implement additional preventative heat illness measures. You must also ensure effective communication between yourself and your employees’ onsite; by voice, observation, or electronic means.


When the temperature equals or exceeds 95° F:


  • Observe employees for alertness and signs and symptoms of heat illness
  • Supervisory or designee observation of 20 or fewer employees
  • Implement a mandatory buddy system
  • Ensure regular communication
  • Designate one or more employees to call for emergency services
  • Give more frequent reminders to drink plenty of water
  • Hold pre-shift meetings on heat illness prevention


Ensure effective communication; respond to signs and symptoms of possible heat illness:

  • Supervisor to take immediate, appropriate action
  • If indicators of serious heat illness, implement emergency response procedures
  • Employees exhibiting / reporting signs or symptoms of heat illness shall be monitored & not left alone. Onsite 1st aid or appropriate emergency medical services shall be offered.
  • Contact emergency medical services and ensure that clear and precise directions to the site can be provided