#234 Heat Jobsite Hydration

In a Cal/OSHA heat illness case study 78% of those who succumbed to the heat suffered from dehydration. In conditions of high heat and strenuous work, the human body can LOSE over a quart of fluid per hour just by sweating. Continuous replacement of this lost fluid is critical to preventing heat illness. Continuous reminders seem to be needed, since in the study, although 90% of the worksites had adequate drinking water, 96% of the employees suffering from heat illnesses were dehydrated.

 At ALL TIMES there must be a sufficient quantity of water present and readily accessible to allow every employee to consume at least:

  • 1 quart of potable water per person per hour
  • 2 gallons per employee for an 8-hour shift

Encourage employees to:

  • Drink water frequently throughout the day, at beginning of shifts, during rest breaks, and at lunch
  • Make sure all employees know where the water supply is and their responsibility to drink 1 quart per hour

Discourage employees from:

  • Drinking beverages containing Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, which can dehydrate the body
  • Using stimulants of any kind that dehydrate and raise the core body temperature

Make sure employees understand that:

  • Some over-the-counter and prescription medications can dehydrate the body, raise the core body temperature and increase susceptibility to sunburn and heat illness