#IGH0016-02 Importance of Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is an important key to reducing pollutant levels in water running off site. The most common housekeeping issues involve trash and other construction debris dispersed around the site. Improper storage of tools and materials are also common and can cause water runoff to fluctuate greatly in pH. Good housekeeping measures should be considered for; construction materials, waste management, vehicle storage and maintenance, landscape materials, and any potential pollutant sources or hazardous materials.

Most construction personnel know of the safety hazards of poor housekeeping, but not the many stormwater implications. Improperly stored material lying in access ways can contribute to runoff water pollution. A clean, neat and orderly workplace is the fundamental basis of accident, pollution, and fire prevention.

What may seem like harmless trash on a construction site can have a significant impact on water runoff quality. Any small debris can be picked up and swept away by rain fall and enter the drainage system, potentially causing drains to block. Similarly, in wind events lightweight trash not properly tied down or disposed of becomes a potential fire hazard or can possibly cause air quality problems. A clean site also leaves a positive impression on everyone who visits.