#41 Jobsite Safety Inspections

Senate Bill 198 requires that all California Employers must schedule periodic safety inspections of the workplace to identify unsafe conditions and work practices.


A self-inspection checklist is advisable and the inspection should be documented to include when the inspection was conducted, by whom and at what employment locations or workplace the inspection took place. An abbreviated safety inspection checklist appears hereunder:


  • Are all workplaces clean and orderly?
  • Are work surfaces kept dry or appropriate means taken to assure surfaces are slip-resistant?
  • Are all spilled materials or liquids cleaned up immediately?
  • Is combustible debris and waste stored safely and removed from the workplace promptly?
  • Is safety program manual (Injury & Illness Prevention Program – IIPP) up-to-date?
  • Are all toilets and washing facilities clean and sanitary?
  • Are all work areas adequately illuminated?
  • Are floor openings covered or otherwise guarded?
  • Are there adequate fire prevention systems available?
  • Are all required workplace postings posted (including OSHA 300 log)?
  • Are safety meetings being conducted and documented?
  • Are standard stair rails or handrails on all stairways having four or more risers?
  • Are storage arrangements of heavy items safe?
  • Are all electrical cords/cables OK condition/grounded/fastened to avoid tripping?
  • Are there ladders and steps available and maintained in good condition?
  • Is all equipment being used properly and safety guards in place?
  • Are all Heat Illness Prevention programs in place?