#13 Lifting, Moving, Carrying and Loading

  • Lift and move heavy objects with appropriate equipment: hand truck, forklift, hoist, crane, loading ramp, etc.


  • Always secure object(s) to lifting device so load does not shift.


  • Handle lighter objects by hand lifting and carrying; always observing proper lifting techniques. If weight is not easily supported by you, do not attempt to lift without sufficient help.


  • Wear gloves, safety shoes, and adjust lifting support belts when lifting, moving, and loading objects such as cement sacks, molds and pre-cast concrete products.


  • Do not lift heavy objects if you experience back soreness/strain, muscle stiffness/fatigue, or any other physical condition which may be aggravated or injured by lifting. Report such problems immediately to your supervisor.


  • Make sure there is a clear pathway before you attempt to lift and move an object. Do not carry objects in such a way that your vision of your pathway is obstructed. Whenever possible, have a co-worker help you move an object and guide your way.
  • Rest or temporarily store objects in a stable position at a location which does not present a hazard to nearby work activity.