#89 Nail Guns & Staplers

Cal/OSHA Title 8, §1704 & Fed/OSHA Subpart I, §1926.302(b)(3)



Nail guns are an important productivity tool and can come in many shapes and sizes. Many nail guns are air-powered and extremely powerful. They come with different trigger mechanisms. Dual action triggers are available for high production work and in the “Bottom Fire Method”, by keeping the trigger pulled while moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing the safety element where you want to drive a fastener allows high production to be achieved safely. Each different tool comes with instructions on safe use and these should always be read carefully and kept available for new employees.


There are many nail gun accidents, however, and operators can accidentally injure themselves by driving a nail through a part of the body, usually the hand or foot. Cal/OSHA regulations and Fed/OSHA regulations stipulate that all pneumatically driven nailers, staplers and other similar equipment provided with automatic fastener-fed, which operate at more than 100 psi pressure at the tool shall have a safety device at the muzzle to prevent the tool from ejecting fasteners, unless the muzzle is in contact with the work surface. The trigger and/or safety element should never be tampered with to allow impulse firing at will. Very serious accidents can occur if care is not taken.