#231 New Excavation Regs

  • Revisions to Construction Safety Orders §1541:

    Excavations shall not commence until:

    • The excavation area has been marked by the excavator as specified in Government Code §4216.2
    • The excavator has received a “positive response” from all known owners/operators of subsurface installations within the proposed project’s boundaries of installation locations, or that they do not operate an installation that would be affected
    • When an excavation is proposed within 10 feet of a “high-priority” subsurface installation, excavators shall notify owners/operators before the legal start date of the excavation
    • The excavator and owner/operator must meet to determine how to verify the location of the installation
    • High-priority installations include high-pressure natural gas, petroleum and pressurized sewage pipelines, conductors and cables with a potential to ground of 60,000 volts or more, or hazardous materials pipelines that pose a danger if breached

    Only qualified persons shall perform subsurface locating activities, per GC §4216, Construction Safety Orders §1509, Common Ground Alliance Best Practices Manual or National Utility Location Contractors Association Standard 101.

    Excavation employees to be trained in notification and excavation practices.

    Excavators discovering or causing damages to a subsurface installation to immediately notify facility owner/operator or contact the regional notification center.

    If damage to a high-priority line results in the escape of any flammable, toxic or corrosive substance, or endangers life, health or property, the excavator is to immediately notify 911, as well as the owner/operator.