#58 Office Safety


Proactive safety and health programs are an effective way to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and reduce the costs of doing business. In such programs employers and employees work together where safety and health is always a part of the decisions made, and all employees and supervisors are fully trained to work safely. The benefits of effective, proactive safety programs include:

  • Higher productivity and employee morale
  • Higher quality of work and products produced
  • Fewer worker injuires
  • Lower compensation insurance cost and absenteeism
  • Lower employee turnover


A written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIP Program) should be the foundation for all of your other safety and health programs and is required for every workplace regulated under Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8 CCR). A summary of the basic elements of an IIPP Program has been included in the Injury and Illness Prevention Program