#91 Operating Rules for Lift Trucks

Operating Rules Whenever Elevating Personnel

(j) When elevating personnel, the lift truck operator shall:

  1. Use a securely attached safety work platform.
  2. Make sure the lifting mechanism is operating smoothly.
  3. Make sure that the mast is vertical if the lift truck is equipped with a mast. The mast shall not be tilted forward or rearward while persons are elevated.
  4. Place the truck in neutral and set the parking brake when the truck is stationery.
  5. Lift and lower personnel smoothly and with caution.
  6. Make sure the path of the work platform travel is clear of hazards such as projections, overhead obstructions, and electrical wires.
  7. Never travel with personnel on the work platform other than to make minor movements for final positioning of the platform.

Exception: Minor movement of a variable reach (boom type) rough-terrain lift truck is permitted for construction operations when positioning the platform along a straight line where the path of movement is free from excavations, holes, obstructions and debris.