#118 Plants & Trees to Avoid

Some plants can cause an allergic reaction on the skin of some people. Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac are three of the most common of these. They may grow anywhere, but are often found in woods and uncultivated fields. Poison Ivy has ternate leaves, greenish flowers, and white berries. It produces an acutely irritating oil causing an intensely itching skin rash. If touched, the oily substance from the leaves gets on your skin causing this rash. The rash may spread all over your body causing considerable discomfort.


After exposure to any of these plants, remove your clothes as soon as possible and wash the exposed area with soap and water. Then sponge with rubbing alcohol. Wash the clothes also. If you scratch the rash, it may spread and get worse. See a physician if the reaction is severe or if the rash appears on your face or genitals.

Other plants such as nettles can cause temporary irritation and/or local rashes or swelling. The problem should go away within a few hours.