#241 Rebar

Exposed rebar is a common hazard on construction sites. The thin steel bars can stick out from construction projects and pose a hazard to workers who can cut or scratch themselves on the sharp ends. Workers that stumble or fall onto the exposed steel bars can be pierced or impaled by them, resulting in serious internal injuries and death.

Cal/OSHA requirements:

Rebar and other impalement hazards…..§1712

  1. Employees working at grade or at the same surface level as exposed protruding rebar or similar projections shall be protected against impalement by guarding exposed ends that extend up to 6 feet above grade or other work surface, with approved protective covers or troughs….§1712(c)
  2. Employees who work above grade or above any surface and who are exposed to protruding rebar or similar projections shall be protected from impalement by:
    1. The use of guardrails, or
    2. Approved fall protection systems, or
    3. Approved troughs and covers……344.90, §1712(c)
  3. Job-built wood protective covers and troughs shall be built of at least “standard-grade” Douglas Fir.
  4. Manufactured protective covers shall be approved by Cal/OSHA, per 344.90
  5. Personal fall protection must be used while employees place or tie rebar in walls, columns, piers, and other structures more than 6 feet high……§1712(e)
  6. Guying and supporting of all rebar for walls, piers, columns, and similar vertical structures are required.
  7. Wire mesh rolls shall be secured to prevent dangerous recoiling action…..§1712