#247 Reporting Notifications

Reports and notifications to Cal/OSHA must be made of the following incidents and activities:


  1. Serious injury or death. Injured Party’s employer must notify OSHA immediately by telephone (within 8 hours) to a district office. Employers are allowed 24 hours if they can show that circumstances prevented the report from being made in 8 hours. §342(a)
  2. Blasting accidents or unusual occurrences. A report must be forwarded to the district office within 24 hours. §5248(a)
  3. Construction Project Permit. A Project Permit must be obtained by the General Contractor from Cal/OSHA before work commences on buildings/structures over 36 feet in height.
  4. Construction activities annual permit. Employers governed by an annual permit (Trade Contractor) must notify DOSH before starting the work. §341.1(f)
  5. Asbestos-related work. The DOSH district office must be notified 24 hours before starting work that is subject to registration. §341.9(a)
  6. Use of regulated carcinogens. The employer must report operations involving the use of a regulated carcinogen within 15 days. §5203
  7. Construction involving Lead-work. Written notification must be made to the DOSH district office 24 hours before starting work. §1532.1(p)