#11 Safety for New Workers Part 2

Statistics have shown that 40% of all accidents and injuries are sustained by employees with less than 12 months service. The following advice is offered to try to prevent these injuries:


What Workers Can Do:


  • Be sure you understand all necessary safety measures before you start to work. If the explanation is unclear, ask again.


  • Use what you learn all the time.


  • If respirators or other personal protective equipment are required, wear them consistently and maintain them properly. If guards are required on equipment, make sure they are in place.


  • Don’t take short cuts – follow safety and health instructions to the letter.


  • Follow the hazard warnings on chemicals you use. Obtain further information from the material safety data sheet on hazardous chemicals.


  • Ask your employer about emergency procedures and be prepared to follow them.


What Employers Can Do:


–           Introduce safety training programs for all positions and especially for new and reassigned employees. A comprehensive safety training program will assure compliance and can also pay-off in reduced absenteeism, lower compensation costs, and increased efficiency.