#10 Safety for New Workers

If you are new at your job, your risk of injury is much greater than for more experienced co-workers.  In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that 40% of workers injured have been on the job less than one year.


Why are new workers more likely to be hurt?  BLS studies show that employees injured at work often lack one vital tool to protect themselves: information.  Take a look at the following data gathered by BLS in various surveys:


  • Of 724 workers hurt while using scaffolds, 27% said they received no information on safety requirements for installing the kind of scaffold on which they were injured.


  • Of 868 workers who suffered head injuries, 71% said they had no instruction concerning hard hats.


  • Of 554 workers hurt while servicing equipment, 61% said they were not informed about lockout procedures.


In nearly every type of injury BLS researchers have studied, the same story is repeated over and over.  Workers often do not receive the safety information they need – even on jobs involving dangerous equipment where training is clearly essential.  In one BLS study of workers injured while operating power saws, nearly one of every five said no safety training on their equipment had been provided.