#SWM0016-09 Solid Waste Management

BMP Factsheet WM-5
Inform trash-hauling contractors that you will only accept watertight dumpsters for use.
Place dumpsters on site in a covered area or in secondary containment.

All dumpsters should have lids or covers that will be placed over the container in events of high wind, rain, and at the end of each working day.

Covering dumpsters during wind events prevents trash from blowing out of the dumpsters and onto or off the construction site. Covering dumpsters during rain events prevents water from entering and potentially leaking from the dumpster after contact with materials that may pollute the water. Dumpsters containing standing water can also be a source of vector production.

Ensure toxic or hazardous materials or liquids are not disposed of in regular construction debris dumpsters, but in an authorized disposal container for the substance. A hazardous waste company should be contacted to dispose the hazardous waste.

Litter within the construction site should be prohibited. Clean up trash around the site daily to prevent trash from exiting the site or discharging in storm drains.