#258 Stairs & Stairways

The following is a sample of regulations from Title 8 on stairways, for complete regulations please see the regulation numbers above. According to Cal/OSHA, stairways are an acceptable method for gaining access to floors and working levels of buildings and scaffolds. They must be installed as follows:

  • In buildings of up to three stories or 36 ft. in height, at least one stairway is required
  • In buildings of more than three stories or 36 ft. in height, two or more stairways are required
  • A stairway to a second or higher floor must be installed before studs are raised to support the next higher floor
  • In steel frame buildings, a stairway must be installed leading up to each planked floor
  • In concrete buildings, a stairway must be installed to the floor that supports the vertical shoring system
  • Stairways must be at least 24 in. wide and equipped with stair rails, handrails, treads, and landings
  • All railings, including connections and anchorage, shall be capable of withstanding a force of at least 200 lbs applied to the top rail within 2 inches of the top edge, in any outward or downward direction, at any point along the top edge
  • Handrails must be 34 in. to 38 in. above the tread nosing
  • Railings and toeboards must be installed around stairwells
  • The stairway shall have landings at each floor or level of not less than 30 in. in the direction of travel and extend at least 24 in. in width at every 12 feet or less of vertical rise
  • Stair steps must be illuminated with at least 5-ft candles of light and all lamps must be guarded