#251 Toilets and Washing Facilities

Regulations concerning toilets, hand washing, and sanitation include the following:

  1. Toilet facilities are required at the jobsite. 1526(b)
  2. A toilet is required for each 20 employees or fraction thereof of each sex; urinals may be substituted for half of the units. 1526(a)
  3. Toilets must be kept clean and supplied with toilet paper. 1526(d)
  4. Toilets are not required for mobile crews if transportation to nerby toilets is avaliable. 1526(e)
  5. One washing station must be provided for each 20 employees or fraction thereof. 1527(a)
  6. Washing stations must be clean and have an adequate supply of soap, water, and single use towels (or warm air blower). 1527(a)
  7. Washing station must have a sign indicating water is for washing. 1527(a)(1)(F)
  8. Wash stations are to be located outside and not attached to the toilet facility. 1527(a)(1)(F)

Exception: Where there are less than 5 employees and only one toilet facility is required, the wash station may be located inside the toilet facility.

  1. If showering is required by the employer, the shower must meet specific requirements. 1527(a)(3)
  2. An adequate supply of potable (drinkable) water must be provided at each jobsite. The employer shall take one or more of the following steps to ensure every employee has access to drinking water: 1524(a)
  1. Provide drinking fountains
  2. Supply single-service cups
  3. Supply sealed one-time use water containers
  4. Ensure reusable, closable containers are available for individual employee use

Note: Additional requirements for the provision of drinking water in outdoor places of employment are contained in 3395.