#VH0016-04 Vehicle Washing

BMP Factsheet NS-8

Cleaning of vehicles and equipment with soap, solvents, or stream should not occur on the project site unless resulting wastes are fully contained and disposed of. Resulting wastes and wash water should not be discharged or buried, and must be disposed of or recycled according to WM-10, Liquid Waste Management or WM-6, Hazardous Waste Management.

All persons cleaning vehicles on site must be properly trained in pollution prevention measures. Use phosphate-free, biodegradable soaps. As little water, solvent, or soap as possible should be used to reduce the amount of pollutant.

All vehicles and equipment that regularly enter and leave the construction site must be cleaned off site.

When vehicle and equipment washing and cleaning must occur onsite, and the operation cannot be located within a structure or building equipped with appropriate disposal facilities, the outside cleaning area should:

  • Be located away from storm drain inlets, drainage facilities, or watercourses
  • Be paved with concrete or asphalt and bermed to contain wash waters and to prevent run-on and run-off
  • Be configured with a sump to allow collection and disposal of wash water
  • No discharge of wash waters to storm drains or watercourses
  • Used only when necessary

Prior to washing any vehicle, the operator of the vehicle wash should inspect the BMPs and verify they will continue to be effective at containing wash water. Inspect sump regularly and remove liquids and sediment as needed.