#22 Water Supply on Construction Sites

Nonpotable Water

  1. Nonpotable water shall not be used for the purposes of drinking, washing, or food preparation.
  2. Outlets for nonpotable water, such as water for industrial or firefighting purposes, shall be posted in a manner understandable to all employees to indicate that the water is unsafe and is not to be used for drinking, washing or cooking purposes.
  3. Nonpotable water systems or systems carrying any other nonpotable substance shall be maintained so as to prevent backflow or backsiphonage into a potable water system.


Potable Water

  1. An adequate supply of potable water shall be provided in all places of employment.

NOTE: Additional requirements for the provision of drinking water in outdoor places of employment are contained in Section 3395 – Heat Illness Prevention Requirements.

  1. The employer shall take one or more of the following steps to ensure every employee has access to drinking water:
    1. Provide drinking fountains
    2. Supply single-service cups – sanitary container for unused cups and receptacle for disposing of used cups shall be provided.
    3. Supply sealed one-time use water containers – receptacle for disposing of used containers shall be provided.
    4. Ensure re-usable, closable containers are available for individual employee use – employer shall ensure containers are marked to identify the user and maintained in a sanitary condition.
  2. Portable containers used to dispense drinking water to more than one person shall be equipped with a faucet or drinking fountain. Drinking containers shall be capable of being tightly closed and shall be otherwise designed, constructed and serviced so that sanitary conditions are maintained. Water shall not be dipped from containers.
  3. Any container used to store or dispense drinking water shall be clearly marked as to the nature of its contents and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  4. Re-usable containers for individual use and drinking cups shall not be shared or used in common.

EXCEPTION: Re-usable containers for individual use and drinking cups which are safely and effectively cleaned and sanitized between use by different users.