#WSI0817 Weekly Site Inspections

The Construction General Permit requires that all sites, regardless of Risk Level, must perform weekly SWPPP inspections. If Scott Environmental is not contracted to conduct your weekly inspections, then you are responsible for ensuring weekly inspections are performed. Inspections are also required at least once for each 24 hour period during extended rain events. Inspections, maintenance, repair, and sampling activities must be performed or supervised by a QSP (Qualified SWPPP Practitioner) or QSP designee. Records of inspections must be kept onsite with the SWPPP.

The purpose of these inspections is to identify and record BMPs that have failed or need maintenance in order to operate more effectively. Upon identifying BMP failures or shortcomings, dischargers must begin implementing repairs or design changes to BMPs within 72 hours, and complete the changes as soon as possible.

For each inspection, dischargers must complete an inspection checklist, using a form provided by the State Water Board or Regional Water Board, or in an alternative format. These checklists must, at a minimum, include:

  • Inspection date
  • Weather information (including presence or absence of precipitation, and rain gauge readings)
  • Site information (including stage of construction and approximate area of the site that is exposed)
  • A description of BMPs evaluated and any ob
  • served deficiencies
  • Observations of all BMPs during inclement weather
  • Report of the presence of noticeable odors or visible sheen on the surface of any discharges
  • Any corrective actions required, including necessary changes to the SWPPP and the associated implementation dates
  • Photos taken during the inspection
  • Inspector’s name, title, and signature