#37 Wellness/Fitness

One of the components of jobsite safety most likely to be overlooked is wellness and fitness. Reporting to work in good shape seems an obvious enough personal responsibility, for the sake of yourself and your family, as much as it is helpful to your employer. Construction sites are high hazard work areas with constantly changing conditions and terrain as each phase of the building project is completed and new stages are commenced. Well-tuned and agile bodies are as important as alert and agile minds.


Construction workers need to be “on their toes” and well-balanced as they frequently undertake strenuous tasks like climbing up ladders often carrying heavy or awkward loads. If you are on medication and/or prescribed drugs, tell your superintendent and make the necessary adjustments on the job. Drowsiness can be dangerous not only to yourself but also to your fellow workers.


Staying in shape and keeping fit has as many advantages to you personally as it does to your employer. The physical demands of the job certainly makes life easier for you if your body is “up to it” – you are more productive and can handle the demands more safely for longer periods of time. Greater stamina can be an important contributory factor to doing the job the way it should be done, without cutting corners, taking shortcuts or greater risks in order to keep up with the production schedules.


Medical research shows convincingly that healthy living improves your chances for a long healthy life. The basic guidelines offered in medical journals are to exercise, eat sensibly and do not let yourself get overweight. Even if you are out of shape right now, you can gradually move into a healthier living pattern – ask your doctor for advice – it will benefit you by lowering the risks of developing preventable illnesses in the future.